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Dr. Jim Kaseman

Dr. Jim Kaseman

AFCM Founder. President of AFCM Canada.

Dr. Julius Jim Kaseman is a graduate of the 1975 Charter class of RHEMA. In 1994, Jim obtained an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from the School of Bible Theology, California. Jim Kaseman Ministries (JKM) established 27 churches in the Minnesota area, and founded the Association of Faith Churches and Ministers International (AFCM) in 1978.

AFCM has developed over the years into a worldwide movement of churches, pastors, travelling ministers, and missionaries, dedicated to bringing the Word of Faith message to the nations in the power of the Holy Spirit. Literally hundreds of churches have been established, millions of books printed and distributed, and tons if humanitarian aid distributed by AFCM registrants to countries in need.

Jim and his wife Kathleen, are the parents of five children and presently make their home in Willmar, Minnesota.


Michael Mcgregor

Michael & Linda McGregor

Vice-President & Treasurer AFCM Canada

Michael McGregor has been a registrant of AFCM Canada since its incorporation in 1988. He has Pastored Faith Christian Fellowship since June 12, 1988. He is an anointed minister of the Gospel with the ability to apply the principles of the Bible to practical situations and offers the uncompromised Word of God as the basis for walking victoriously through the challenges of daily living.

He has faithfully served on the Board of Directors of AFCM Canada for 13 years.

Pastor Michael, his wife Linda and their two sons, Colin and Nolan, reside in Morden, Manitoba where they continue to minister weekly to their growing congregation.


Steve Green

Steve Green

AFCM Canada Regional Director for British Columbia & Alberta

Steve Green is the AFCM Canada Regional Director for British Columbia & Alberta.
He is a 1986 graduate of Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He and his wife Penny have Pastored Breton Word of Faith Church in Alberta for 22 years. Steve ministers in churches, Bible schools, conferences, and overseas.

Steve has a passion for learning the ‘mind of the writer’ when he studies a book of the Bible; understanding the primary purpose of writing and discerning the flow of the book from beginning to end. The result is confidant, fresh and revealing perspectives on the scriptures. The essential place of Jesus as ruler in our hearts is always emphasized.

Steve presents the spiritual truths of what Jesus accomplished for us in His plan of redemption in a clear and simple fashion. Equal weight is placed on practical responses we need to represent Him in His power.

Steve and Penny have four children, two married and two still at home.


Les & Iva

Les & Eva Mandtler

AFCM Canada Regional Director for Saskatchewan & Manitoba

Les Mandtler is the AFCM Canada Regional Director for Saskatchewan & Manitoba. He has an apostolic call on his life to plant churches and Pastor Pastors.

Oil of Joy Ministries, a completely volunteer based ministry, impacts nations by providing essential services and sustained support in areas of health care and sanitation where clean drinking water and health care are not available. The ministry facilitates the distribution of hospital equipment, medical supplies and pharmaceuticals to these nations. Their goal is to upgrade existing clinics, making them more sanitary and effective, and also to open new clinics that are more up-to-date.

Eva Mandtler also sits on the AFCM Canada Board of Directors.

Les & his wife Eva have 2 sons and reside in Saskatoon, SK.


Gaetano & Natalie

Gaetano Sicilia

AFCM Canada Regional Director for Ontario

Gaetano Sicilia is the AFCM Canada Regional Director for Ontario. He was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. On December 2, 1981, while completing his degree at York University in Toronto, he attended a prayer group meeting where he received Jesus Christ as Lord over his life. This decision launched him into further studies which included bible college.

Dr. Gaetano has earned degrees from York University in Toronto, Canada and School of Bible Theology Seminary in San Jacinto, California.

He served as church administrator for thirteen years and then became the associate pastor of the same church. In January 1995 the work was continued as BIBLE FAITH CHURCH with Gaetano as the Sr. Pastor.

With its motto of “A Growing Church with You in mind”, the ministry continues to reach out to the community and strives to develop the gifts and talents of those that attend.

Gaetano along with his wife Natalie and their four children continue to rejoice in their work for the Lord.


To Be Determined

AFCM Canada Regional Director for Quebec & the Maritimes



Peggie McHattie

AFCM Canada Office Coordinator / Secretary / Governing Authority

Peggie McHattie is the part time Office Coordinator for AFCM Canada in Surrey, BC. She is gifted in the area of administration and is responsible for maintaining all national and provincial documentation and registrations for AFCM Canada along with all of its registrants. Facilitating inquiries from current and potential registrants, the planning and logistics of all national and regional meetings, managing the day-to-day office needs including accounting keep Peggie busy during time she spends at the office.

Peggie was born again in July 1980 and filled with the Spirit in December of that year. Her foundation in Christ was established predominantly through the teachings and ministry of Kenneth E. Hagin. In 2002 Peggie enrolled in the AFCM video bible school and graduated with honors from AFCMITC in 2006.

Peggie also holds licensing and professional credentials in the investment industry where the balance of her time each week is filled with her role as a Compliance Officer at a local MGA office.

Peggie has two children and two grandchildren.

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