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Ministry Credentials

The vision of AFCM is to reach the nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. AFCM endeavors to provide support, leadership and spiritual oversight for its registrant-ministries who are united in their common beliefs, who desire fellowship with other ministers of like precious faith, and who are in need of ministerial credentials provided by a reputable organization.

Although AFCM serves as a spiritual covering for its registrants, it does not govern any of its registrant-ministries. Each ministry operates independently of AFCM. However, as members of the Body of Christ, all should live lives representative of Christ and above reproach. Therefore, AFCM and its leadership strongly believe, teach, and exemplify a high standard of integrity, Godly character, and moral excellence, and encourage that standard to be duplicated throughout its registration.

Provisional License

This level of licensing is intended for those who feel called to five-fold ministry, but are beginning in ministry, just out of Bible School, or new to AFCM. Individuals who hold a provisional license may perform all of the functions of ministry except those for which the Province requires ordination. In most provinces this credential allows a person to minister in prisons, nursing homes, hospitals, etc.

Ministerial License

Ministerial Licensing is intended for those individuals who are already working part time or full time in five-fold ministry. In order to apply for ministerial licensing, one who holds a provisional license must have held that credential for a period of at least one year and must meet the requirements of a Licensed Minister. A review of previous ministry activities will be required.


Ordination is intended for those ministers who are working in five-fold ministry, have proven ministry experience, and are generally serving in full time ministry.

Affiliate Only

Ministers who are already registered with another organization for their ministerial credentials yet want a broader exposure to fellowship and/or teaching may apply for Affiliate Only registration with AFCM Canada. The registration process remains the same for those wishing to apply for this level of affiliation.