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Salvation Prayer Continued…

God is not mad at you!!!

In fact…God loves you, cares about you, created you as a unique individual…He has a plan and
a purpose for your life, and He is the answer to all of your problems:

If you are hurting…God wants to comfort you and take away your pain!

If you are lonely…God wants to show that He is always there for you and will neverleave you!

If you are afraid…God wants to remove those fears and give you courage and protection!

If you are sick…God wants to heal you and make you well!

If medical science has told you there’s no cure for the disease or medical condition in your
body…God wants to prove to you that all things are possible through His power!

If you have problems…God has the solutions!

If you feel empty inside and have no peace…God wants to bring you a peace that will never leave you!

If you wonder why you are here…God wants to show you His plan for your life!

If you have lost all hope…God wants to bring real hope into your life!
How is this possible, you ask?