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Spiritology – the study of spirit, soul, and body – is a fundamental truth that all born again Christians need to understand.  It is through having a clear revelation of spirit, soul, and body that you are able to walk by faith and be led by your spirit.

Satan has counterfeited the working of the Holy Spirit in the soul (where your intellect and emotions reside) and in the flesh.  Many Christians think they are being led by the Holy Spirit when they are actually being led by their emotions, their intellectual reasonings, or by the cravings of their flesh.

In Spirtology 101: Understanding Spirit, Soul, and Body, Dr. Jim Kaseman masterfully explains:

·       How to recognize the difference between your intellect and your spirit

·       How to dominate the cravings of your physical body

·       How to develop a strong human spirit

·       How God “wired” your human spirit so you can clearly hear His voice

Recognizing the voice of the Holy Spirit should be just as real to you as recognizing the voice of a loved one.  By understanding spirit, soul, and body, you will never again question whose voice you are hearing but will quickly recognize the leadings of the Holy Spirit.

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